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coquette coquet
25 March 2013 @ 01:07 pm
you don't undestand
they were the basic fundament of what i am today
i got into comic books because of them
and got to meet interesting people and friends
and read weird shit and i got into so many bands and music and films and tv series because of them
they helped me to get through bad times and gave me so many good memories.
i am who i am because of them and now they're gone.
i'm not mad because i knew that the end had to come eventually.
i know they have been close to breaking up before, so close, but they never did.
only very sad because it was unexpected. they had talked about a new album for the last few months.
we were excited and had something to look forward to. i guess they wanted to end it with a bang.
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coquette coquet
20 July 2011 @ 12:01 am
So Comic Con starts tomorrow and it is literally the highlight of my year. There´s not much more to say about that right now except that I´m excited.

This will be a fic rec entry because I watched The Pacific last month and shed many tears. I am awfully sad that it took me this long to finally make myself watch it since the fandom is practically dead by now.
Can I just state that I love love Joe Mazzello's boyish face? AND RAMI MALEK don't get even get me started with his gorgeous face.
So yeah, obvious pairing would be Snafu/Sledge because the angst! the ust! the creepiness! (So far I haven’t really found a fic that satisfies that last aspect of their relationship entirely. Like I seriously want like voyeurism and just Snafu being a weirdo and giving Sledge like a ring with a Japanese dead man's gold tooth or something and Sledge being like "aw okay i guess he likes me" and idek?)

SO YEAH FICSThis is the hurt/comfort fic of my dreams. It is dark and has asphyxiation and I blame the EVA fandom for my weird fixation on this. Terribly vivid.
Okay, this is probably my favorite and it is so short but it’s perfect but why do you have to end so soon sob. I just love ficlets like that
Just. Let. Me. Die. This fic just goes through their entire relationship in the series, but in Snafu’s eyes. It is sad and beautiful and my headcanon for Snafu tbh.
  • and also this fabulous fanmix
  • there used to be this perfect crack!mix for snafu, it had songs like every breath you take and aksdjaks it was fantastic! but I just checked and the journal got deleted and my cries okay

So, Rami Malek is a babe and he is going be in Breaking Dawn Pt.2. I already watched Larry Crowne because of him so.
And Mazzello is going to be in the adaptation of that other Stephenie Meyer book and why are you boys doing this to me.
Now I have to watch Band of Brothers.
coquette coquet
04 April 2011 @ 06:39 pm
I've sorta been getting into the EDM fandom. (I don't even know what else to call it, really) because
because BARU,
because of the music

And it started with Daft Punk, and then Justice and then Skrillex which took me to deadmau5 because half of the fandom ship them together and deadmau5 is this huge troll that trolls the internet
today he posted a link of a gif to on his twitter
but the link comes from tumblr and now half of the fandom is freaking out and it's hilarious you guys.
it's like I don't even know if I like his music but I started to follow his twitter and watch his ustream and asjkdasldksa he's an ego-maniac and a dick but whatever I can't help but to like him it's weird. he has a cat. his cat you guys. sometimes I can't. ugh
I sort of don't wan to get into it because yeah, idk it's weird to me. idk idk. it's kinda like bandom all over ;w;
coquette coquet
20 January 2011 @ 05:43 pm
Man, this thing hasn't been updated in months!
mainly because I got a job all december. I worked in Macy's as a seasonal associate. (there it is again, temporary jobs...)
it was nice, i met interesting people
but then it was over and they said they would call if something ~*~came up~*~ but i doubt it
not that i mind
did i mentioned that i didn't get into the disney cp. suuucks. but i'm gonna try again for the next semester. whatever. i was sort of expecting it really, i got a letter of rejection, not magical enough, etc.
but now i'm back to school
and i dyed my hair bleu. for realsies. all of it. it's awesome.